Transition to work

In the field of transition to work the "Employment Promotion Project" (EPP II) aims to institutionalize transition to work services for youth on career guidance, placement and entrepreneurship.

The main areas of interventions include:

·       Institutionalization and dissemination of advisory and information services

·       Support in the facilitation of young people's transition into the labour market

In order to further strengthen existing transition to work services in Egypt, EPP II – together with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MoE), practitioners, representatives of the private sector and other institutions – is developing a strategy to institutionalize and disseminate these services.

The overall aim is to facilitate the transition of young people from school and/ or from unemployment into the labour market. Therefore introductory-level career programmes and career guidance are implemented.

Introductory-level career programmes support youth in getting their first job. This also includes preparation for self-employment and entrepreneurship. With the institutionalization and dissemination of career guidance EPP II aims to support technical secondary school students to successfully manage their transition to work.

For more details, please contact:

Emad Helmy