Decentralized labour market information and ALMP implementation

In the field of decentralized labour market information and Active Labour Market Programmes (ALMP) implementation the "Employment Promotion Project" (EPP II) focuses on the collection and dissemination of regional labour market information in order to develop and implement ALMPs.

Special attention is paid to the following areas:

·       Support in the collection and analysis of regional labour market information

·       Integration of regional labour market information into the national level

·       Assistance in the development and implementation of ALMPs

EPP II will continue to support the institutionalization of the Regional Labour Market Observatories (RLMOs) that were set up during EPP first phase with capacity development measures and assists them in collecting and analyzing regional labour market information (LMI). These information are essential to gain knowledge about the specific labour market needs and requirements in a region and enable public and private sector actors to design and implement new approaches for youth employment promotion.

On the national level these collected regional LMI serve as a basis for effective and informed decision-making, when it comes to the design of policies and approaches to promote youth employment. For that reason, EPP II supports the coordination and compilation of regional LMI on the national level.  

Moreover, the RLMOs are supported in the design and implementation of ALMPs, which will be developed based on regional LMI. Those ALMPs include improving the employability of youth through productivity and skill enhancement, entrepreneurship programs and increasing the efficiency of matching process through employment intermediation services like employment fairs.

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Atef Malak