Evidence-based policy making

In the field of evidence-based policy making the "Employment Promotion Project" (EPP II) assists the Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MoE) as well as other public and private-sector actors in strengthening their capacities to design dialogue-oriented and evidence-based policies in the field of technical education and youth employment.

This field of intervention focuses its support in the following areas:

·       Enhancement of monitoring and coordination capacities within the MoE to improve the quality of TVET schools

·       Promotion of a structured national dialogue for  youth employment promotion

·       Support in evidence-based curricula development

By establishing monitoring mechanisms and enhancing monitoring and coordination capacities within the MoE, EPP II aims at improving the quality of technical education and evidence-based policy making to increase the responsiveness of technical education policies to labour market needs and demands.

Building on the success of the first phase of the programme, EPP II  will continue to support the institutionalization of the Egyptian Forum for Youth Employment Promotion Egypt-YEP, to ensure its sustainability. This forum serves as a multi-stakeholder high-level forum of national policy-makers, private stakeholders, trade unions, civil society organizations, experts and youth. It aims at developing a shared vision through the exchange of expertise and experiences and at reaching a common agreement on policy recommendations.

In the field of evidence-based policy making, EPP II also supports the evidence-based development of curricula in TVET to reflect the demands of the labour market

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Rene Pape