Partnership with energy industry: Development of a Resource Efficiency Competence Centre

GIZ Egypt and the National Academy for Science and Skills (NASS) start an important cooperation. The partnership aims at jointly developing training modules to provide the energy industry with qualified professionals.

“This cooperation is of tremendous importance for GIZ”, stated Dr. Thomas Engelhardt, the Country Director of GIZ Egypt, during the signature of the joint agreement between the National Academy for Science and Skills (NASS) and GIZ Egypt, represented by the Employment Promotion Programme (EPP) and the Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP). 

The partnership combines efforts to contribute to sustainable development and the promotion of employment by training and qualifying a new generation of professionals and technicians who can implement operational resource efficiency solutions and competitive alternatives for energy generation in Egypt. 

It comes at a time where Egypt is facing enormous challenges to secure its energy supply. But the massive energy subsidies combined with the lack of technical expertise often still restrain companies from investing in renewable energy technologies.

The partnership between GIZ and NASS aims to fill this gap and jointly develop training modules to provide the industry with qualified professionals. The cooperation is based on three milestones: 

  1. Triggering the demand for resource efficiency and renewable energy related training and research;
  2. Developing training modules for technicians based on the industry’s feedback and demands; 
  3. Establishing a resource efficiency competence centre, connecting training with industry, science and public education institutions.

NASS is the perfect partner for this ambition; established and owned by one of the leading industrial development groups in Egypt, NASS presents a highly ambitious project to support the growing demand for qualified and professional technicians. Investing in Egyptian youth is the underlying drive behind creating NASS emphasized Karim Sami Saad, Chairman of Samcrete and initiator of NASS.

Contact persons:

Jakob von Fircks (EPP),

Markus Donath (PSDP), 

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