Teachers Innovation Network – Increasing the relevance of Technical Education

The Teachers Innovation Network consists of teachers and officials of the Ministry of Education. It has been established together with the Ministry of Education in order to identify new approaches that increase the relevance of Technical Secondary Schools for the Egyptian labour market. Participants have developed innovative project proposals in the field of youth employment promotion with the help of EPP.

The specific areas of the proposals are:

EPP is further strengthening the Teachers Innovation Network through organisational and technical capacity development and supporting the implementation of the above mentioned project proposals. A workshop to improve the network’s efficiency and effectiveness was organised by EPP and held in December 2012.

The Teachers Innovation Network has established their own blog as an effective method to share their story and document and present their innovative ideas. The network's members can interact online and develop ideas for improving the relevance of Technical Education to the labour market and use the space to identify relevant steps for turning an idea into a project.

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