Identifying intervention measures based on the upcoming final report of the Labour Market study at 6th of October City (SOC)

The Observatory Team in SOC presents the main results of their Labour Market (LM) research and discusses the five proposed projects of intervention. EPP provides German expertise.


Launch of the Egyptian Forum for Youth Employment Promotion (Egypt YEP)

Thirty representatives of the Egyptian government, the private sector and civil society launched the Egyptian Forum for Youth Employment Promotion (Egypt-YEP) on March 24th. This multi-stakeholder and high level forum of national policy-makers will take collective and pragmatic actions to address the


Workshop: Introduction to Monitoring & Evaluation Systems

“Monitoring and Evaluation will contribute to tangible and evidence based results in our sector,” noted Dr. Ibrahim Helal, Head of the Technical Education Sector at the Ministry of Education, during the Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop, which was attended by 20 representatives of the Technical Education