Stakeholder meetings to discuss two proposed Labour Market intervention projects in Sadat City



Two stakeholder meetings discuss important technical and administrative issues related to two out of five proposed interventions based on the information gained in the first cycle of the Labour Market Monitoring method PROSPECT in Sadat City.

The first stakeholder meeting dealt with the "Training for Employment" intervention which aims at satisfying the immediate needs of enterprises for qualified labour in Sadat City. This intervention will use an existing scheme for financing training that would lead to employment by nurturing job seekers' skills. After the Observatory Team presented the outline and content of the "Training for Employment" project, the stakeholders entered into a fruitful discussion.
Important suggestions and outcomes were:

The second stakeholder meeting dealt with the “Enhancing the quality and outreach of the Dual System in Sadat City” project which aims at launching a regional dialogue involving the actors in the Dual System (DS) and reviving quality assurance tools.

The stakeholders discussed the ongoing endeavours of strengthening the DS on the national level and the best way to involve the actors on the regional level. The implementation of standard procedures is necessary to meet the requirements of different actors.

Important suggestions and outcomes of the discussion were:

For both intervention projects, the RLMO-SC team will follow-up on agreed steps and implementation plans without actually being involved in the implementation.

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