First Conference on Labour Market Information for particular business sectors in Sadat City


The conference assembled decision makers and experts from different institutions and launched the sectoral report, the key document compiling all the Labour Market Information gained during the first PROSPECT cycle in Sadat City, and presented its main findings and the suggested intervention areas. 

PROSPECT is a method for gathering and assessing Labour Market Information in order to better understand the needs on both the demand and supplier sides. The sectors covered in the first cycle in Sadat City are the engineering, food / agro food and textile sectors. 
It was evident that all actors are motivated to take part in the ascertainment and implementation of the proposed practical measures to promote employment and tackle identified Labour Market challenges in the region. Representatives from different governmental and development institutions and representatives of enterprises taking part in the study acknowledged the effort the Regional Labour Market Observatory (RLMO) team invested in the study. 

In his welcome speech the Chairman of the Sadat City Investors Association emphasized the importance of working hand in hand with the entities charged with qualifying the labour force, especially the Ministry of Education (MOE). It will pave the way for adjusting the Labour Market to both the needs of employers and graduates. Employers should be able to find qualified labour fitting the requirements and graduates should be able to find a suitable job with a decent wage. This is the best means to facilitate economic development in Egypt.

The representative of the German embassy in Cairo is on the same page. She referred to Germany’s long lasting relationship with Egypt and noted that the pilot Labour Market Observatories are an exemplary fruitful cooperation between the private sector and the government which will contribute to the competitiveness of Egypt’s economy as well as to the employability of young Egyptians.

It is the specific organizational set-up for the Regional Labour Market Observatories that will lead to successful measures, because it brings together all relevant entities. The Programme Coordinator of EPP emphasized this fact. Representatives  from the Ministry of Education, the private sector entities (Investors association and the Egyptian Federation for Investors Association), the Ministry of Manpower and Migration, and representatives of unions, academia, as well as the civil society all work together to improve Labour Market conditions. 

The representative of the Ministry of Education asserted the ministry’s willingness to cooperate with all partners especially the private sector. He also acknowledged the role of the regional observatories as being one of the main sources for information on the labour market that the Technical Education sector will use to optimize its work.

The City Council declared its full support to the development measures, and willingness to host stakeholders meetings and facilitate the implementation of the resulting intervention projects.

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