German experts visit the Regional Labour Market Observatories (RLMOs) in Sixth of October (SOC) and Sadat City (SC)


The two-day mission of the German experts from the Gesellschaft für Innovative Beschäftigungsförderung (G.I.B.) is dedicated to provide feedback and guidance to the RLMOs’ teams in SOC and SC.

On the first day of their mission the two German experts, who supervise the teams concerning the Prospect method, visited the RLMO in SOC. After being briefed by the team on its latest activities, the  experts provided feedback on the following issues:

The main points of the experts’ feedback can be summarised as follows:

On the second day of the mission the two German experts visited the RLMO in SD where the team is currently at the stage of finalizing the first steps in Prospect cycle. The experts provided valuable feedback regarding the analysis and the processing of the acquired data.

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