Identifying intervention measures based on the upcoming final report of the Labour Market study at 6th of October City (SOC)


The Observatory Team in SOC presents the main results of their Labour Market (LM) research and discusses the five proposed projects of intervention. EPP provides German expertise.

The report of the LM study (Prospect cycle output) is intended to be a valuable and practical reference for all actors to be able to design interventions which will enhance the performance of the LM in SOC. Based on the results gained so far in the LM study, the Observatory Team identified five intervention areas:

  1. Promoting female employment in administration jobs.
  2. Satisfying the needs of extra-large enterprises of qualified labour.
  3. Matching job seekers with vacancies at SOC.
  4. Orienting Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) towards the needs of SOC food enterprises.
  5. Promoting decent jobs at SOC.

The team will develop a project proposal for each idea. Each project description will include the identified problem based on the facts from the LM study, the proposed measures, and the partner institutions which will implement the project.
It is agreed to distribute the final report of the LM study and promote the five intervention projects during the sector conference on 28 April 2014.

EPP will support the organization of the sector conference as well as the printing of the final report of the LM study.

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Presentation of the observatory team

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