Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop for representatives of the Ministry of Education


The Ministry of Education's Technical Education Sector sets Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) high on its agenda: It is implementing M&E practices into its different departments and is establishing M&E focal points. EPP organized an advanced workshop to support this matter.

The main objective of the workshop for representatives of the Ministry of Education was to train participants and provide them with relevant knowledge concerning Monitoring and Evaluation. They will be now able to adapt this information to the thematic areas of their respective departments.

Since data collection and participation of different stakeholders is an integral part of M&E, participants were introduced to different facilitation methods. The aim was to provide them with the skills needed to conduct focus groups and interviews to gather and update data for their M&E systems. The workshop further tackled advanced data collection approaches including tracer studies and others.

Subsequent to the workshop the Technical Education Sector is committed to introduce M&E systems, in order to provide decision makers in the Ministry of Education with evidence based data and analysis.

The concept of the workshop was developed by Prof. Dorsi Germann from the Interdisciplinary Institute for Environmental-, Social- and Human Studies, University of Flensburg and co-facilitated by Manal Samra, FAKT Consultant.

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